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  • Abdul Mahmood Sadry Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education, Kunduz University, Kunduz- Afghanistan
  • Mohammad Nasir Habibi Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Science, Kabul University, Kabul- Afghanistan
  • Tajalla Aslamyar Department of Psychology, Faculty of Education, Kunduz University, Kunduz- Afghanistan


Academic Progress, Mental Health, University, Students, Kunduz


Several factors may contribute to better academic progress and mental health could be one of those factors. The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between mental health and academic progress of students of faculty of education, Kunduz University. It was descriptive-correlational study. All students of the department of education (1614) are being taken as the population of the study out of which 310 students were selected as sample with a confidence level of 95% and an error percentage of 0.05%. In order to collect data, the GHQ-28 Questionnaire was used to measure mental health status, and the average grades of students were used to measure academic achievement. The collected data have been analyzed through SPSS-24 software. The findings of the research showed that the level of academic progress among students was higher than the desired level (p<α=0.05<0.05, μ=78, 6>75), and the level of mental health in all dimensions and the overall dimension was at normal level (P<α). =0.00 < 0.05. This study found that there is no relationship between mental health and its dimensions with academic progress because P>α and r≈0. Furthermore, the results of chi-square showed that there was no relationship between the income level and civil status with educational progress. However, there was a significant relationship between gender and educational progress. (r=26.905, P<α=0.000<0.05). It can be concluded that the level of mental health and academic progress of students is favorable; therefore, these two variables were not correlated.


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Published on: 2022-10-29

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