Join us as reviewer

SJAHSS invites qualified researchers to participate as reviewers. Being a reviewer is a symbol of distinction and professional accomplishment. While accepting an application as an SJAHSS reviewer, SJAHSS follows a strict set of requirements. The following are the minimal requirements for being an SJAHSS reviewer:

  • A doctoral degree from a reputable university is required.
  • Should have a minimum of 5 articles in reputed journals as an author.

Become a Reviewer

Manuscript reviewers are essential to the publication process, and you will get significant experience in scientific publishing as a reviewer. We would like to welcome you to become a reviewer for one of our journals.

Some of the advantages of becoming a peer reviewer include:

Being a peer reviewer opens up a world of possibilities. Peer review services will help you gain a better understanding of professional standards and gain the respect of your peers quickly.

Another advantage of becoming a peer reviewer is that you will be considered for membership on an editorial board.

Reviewers must be willing to devote the time necessary to properly assess the text in order to deliver a solid review and a considered and balanced report with proposed changes for our authors.

The Basic principles to which peer reviewers should adhere

Peer reviewers should:

  • only agree to review manuscripts for which they have the subject expertise required to carry out a proper assessment and which they can assess on time
  • respect the confidentiality of peer review and not reveal any details of a manuscript or its review, during or after the peer-review process, beyond those that are released by the journal
  • not use information obtained during the peer-review process for their own or any other person’s or organization’s advantage or to disadvantage or discredit others
  • declare all potential conflicting interests, seek advice from the journal if they are unsure whether something constitutes a relevant interest
  • not allow their reviews to be influenced by the origins of a manuscript, by the nationality, religious or political beliefs, gender or other characteristics of the authors, or by commercial considerations
  • be objective and constructive in their reviews, refraining from being hostile or inflammatory and from making libelous or derogatory personal comments
  • acknowledge that peer review is essentially a reciprocal endeavor and undertake to carry out their fair share of reviewing in a timely manner
  • provide journals with personal and professional information that is accurate and a true representation of their expertise
  • recognize that impersonation of another individual during the review process is considered serious misconduct

Download the Reviewer agreement letter

If you are interested in reviewing for our journal, please send your CV and scanned copy of the Reviewer agreement (duly signed by you) to and CC to