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  • Dr. Al Kafil Choudhury GM Associate Professor & Head, Department of English, Thong Nokbe College, Assam, India


Status of ELT, Secondary level, Undergraduate level, Karbi Anglong


English language teaching (ELT) should be effective for all concerned at the secondary level to meet its objectives so that in higher levels the learners as well as teachers would carry out the process without constraints. Keeping view of the above, a study is conducted amongst the secondary institutions of Karbi Anglong District of Assam. In this regard, 50 institutions are surveyed to find out the status of ELT through field investigation, interviews with both learners and teachers. The survey found out some observations that reveal a very poor status of ELT at secondary level that consequently affects the teaching of English at the senior secondary and undergraduate levels. This article discusses the status of ELT at the secondary level and the reasons behind its weakness in the said region. It analyses how the teachers of undergraduate institutions face trouble to deal with the students coming out of those secondary schools. It also tries to find out the reasons, and puts forward suggestions and recommendations to develop the present status of ELT.


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Published on: 2023-03-04

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