BSEd graduate takers, PEC graduate takers, LET, General Education Course, Professional Education Course


Results in the Licensure Examination for Teachers are contributory to the institutional overall performance, hence, analyzing the results is essential. Results of the 67 takers who took the examination from 2015 to 2017 were analyzed. Employing Mean, t-test, and Pearson Moment Correlation, the results revealed that the performance of both BSED and PEC Graduate Takers in General Education Courses is higher compared to Professional Education Courses, there is a significant difference in the results of the Licensure Examination for Teachers in both the General Education and Professional Education Courses among BSEd and PEC Graduate Takers. Also, there is a significant relationship between the general education course result and professional education course result. It also revealed that the general education course results and professional education course result are directly proportional. It means as general education course result is high, the professional education course result will follow. On the other hand, if general education course result is low; the professional education course result is also low.


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