The Study of Family Life style with Emphasis on the Instructions of the Holy Quran in Firoz-Koh City


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  • Qassem Farhang Assistant professor, Psychology Department, Ghor University, Afghanistan
  • Sayed Shir Aqa Hashemi Assistant professor, English Language and Literature Department, Ghor University, Afghanistan


Lifestyle, Holy Quran, guidance, family place, Firoz Koh


The current research was carried out under the title of 'Studying the Family Life style with Emphasis on the Instructions of the Holy Quran in the City of Firoz-Koh in 1401.' This research has been done using a qualitative approach. The technique of gathering information is structured interviews in an individual format, reading and reviewing the narrated narratives. The target population in this research is the entire family of Firoz-Koh City, whose sample population is 18 family members, the number of children, occupation and age of marriage, which was selected using a random sampling method. The obtained data have been analyzed using the theoretical coding technique. The findings of the research show that 'life style' is one of the vital and important issues of human societies and covers various aspects of human life. On the other hand, the goal of the Holy Quran is to guide humans, and one of the most important components of guidance is life style. The comprehensiveness and immortality of the Qur'an require and have expressed what mankind needs in the path of its growth and perfection, and that is so. In this research, the importance of the family's place in the Holy Quran is mentioned, then the indicators of the Quranic life style in the family are introduced in religious, belief, moral, social and intellectual dimensions. Also, the harmful factors that hinder this family life style research have been analyzed.


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Published on: 2023-08-11

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