Editorial Responsibilities

The Editor-in-Chief and Journal manager are in charge of determining which articles will be published in the journal. The decisions are determined solely on the merits of the manuscript. They must be free of prejudice based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, or politics. The editorial policy and legal rules relating to defamation, copyright infringement, and plagiarism also help the Editor-in-Chief make choices.

Members of the Editorial Board, including the Editor-in-Chief, must have no financial ties to the articles they are considering for publication. Members concerned about being involved in a conflict of interest do not participate in the decision-making process for a specific document.

The contents and central concepts in submitted manuscripts will be kept private. Without the authors' written permission, information and ideas in unpublished publications may not be used for personal advantage.

Editors and editorial staff must take all reasonable steps to guarantee that authors/reviewers remain anonymous throughout and after the evaluation process, depending on the type of review used.