Cookie Policy

Cookies are used by the OJS system of Sprin Publisher ( Cookies are little text files that are kept on a visitor's computer and allow the website to track their activity.

There are two different kinds of cookies:

  • Permanent cookies are those that stay on a visitor's computer for an extended period of time.
  • Session cookies are saved in the computer's memory just for the duration of a visitor's visit to the website. When a visitor closes their web browser, session cookies are deleted.

Cookies we are using here:

  • A session cookie (commonly called OJSSID) is used on this page to store a session ID number on your machine. This will make the login process easier. The cookie does not save any personal information.
  • Session cookies (TawkConnectionTime and twk_idm_key). This cookie remembers the end-user so that past chat conversations can be identified to improve service.

You may disable cookies in your web browser's security settings if you don't want them to be utilised. It is also possible to configure your web browser's security settings so that it prompts you each time a website wishes to store a cookie on your machine. The web browser can also remove previously saved cookies; further information is available in the web browser's help feature. You may still browse the website and read the articles if you disable cookies. If you wish to log in and submit your work to one of our publications, however, you must accept cookies.