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  • A.M. M. Aaqil Department of Arabic Language, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
  • Muhaz Faizer Department of Arabic Language, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka
  • Rimaza Rizwan Moulana Department of English Language Teaching, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka


Challenges, Skills, English Language, Undergraduates


Language is the medium which is used to express the ideas and thoughts of human beings. English is an international language that coordinates with all the sectors in Sri Lanka. Especially in the Educational sector. In the state universities of Sri Lanka, English language courses are being integrated as a common subject in most courses. Hence, the study aimed to identify the challenges faced by undergraduates in enhancing their English language skills. Based on Mixed methods, the primary data was collected through a closed-questionnaire distributed among 100 students out of 350 second-year undergraduates of the Faculty of Islamic Studies and Arabic Language of South Eastern University of Sri Lanka and semi-structured interviews of 30 of them. Secondary data contributed to constructing its theoretical structure. The major findings reveal the emergence of several issues regarding the speaking and listening skills due to the dominance of their mother tongue, Tamil language, other than writing and reading skills because of their involvement in improving such skills through various strategies.


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Published on: 2022-07-03

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Aaqil, A. M., Faizer, M., & Moulana, R. R. (2022). CHALLENGES FACED BY THE UNDERGRADUATES IN ENHANCING THEIR ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 1(06), 311–320.