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  • Abdullatif Khalidbek Junior lecturer, Department of UZBEK language, Faculty of Language and Literature, Takhar University, Afghanistan
  • Muhammad Zahir Zahed Junior lecturer, Department of UZBEK language, Faculty of Language and Literature, Takhar University, Afghanistan


Babur, Baburnama, Mughals, Timuri Rulers


In the history of our literature, we rarely find a book like 'Baburnama' in which people and their characterization are given a large place. Characterization is like a person's height, face, eyes, clothes, behavior, and morals. In this work, we come across a clear, unique characterization of many people: when it comes to Khans, Emirs, and Begs, there are given short, clear descriptions of their date of birth and lineage, shape and appearance, morals and character, the occurrence of wars, and their commanders. This type of poetic unit, which guarantees the artistry of the author of the work, is considered one of the most important elements in the original literature.

Babur explores characters' inner lives as well as their outward manifestations when developing characterization, noting both the positive and negative aspects of historical figures. It fully demonstrates the author’s skills by portraying the characters in such a realistic manner and by clearly and thoroughly expressing their functions.


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Published on: 2023-08-10

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