Exploring the Impact of Nutrition and Physical Activity on Human Metabolism


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  • Habibullah Hazim Senior Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Education, Parwan University, Parwan, Afghanistan
  • Mohammad Rasool Zalmai Associate Professor, Physical Education and Sports Science Faculty, Kabul Education University, Afghanistan
  • Hizbullah Bahir Senior Teaching Assistant, Physical education Department, Education Faculty, Kandahar University, Kandahar city, Afghanistan


Nutritious diet, Reasonable, Physical activity, Metabolism


Background: The human body acquires energy substances through diet and consumes them through exercise, completing the metabolism process. This article aims to analyze the impact of metabolism concerning diet and scientific exercise to emphasize the importance of these factors in promoting physical health. Methods: The research delves into the effects of diet and exercise on energy metabolism, focusing on energy balance, nutrient oxidation, and metabolic flexibility. Various methodologies are employed to measure energy intake and expenditure accurately, crucial for understanding energy homeostasis and developing effective interventions. Findings: Exercise and Diet Influence Metabolism: Physical exercise and dietary interventions play a significant role in influencing energy metabolism, improving metabolic flexibility, and managing cardiometabolic diseases like obesity and diabetes. Energy Metabolism Measurement: Current methodologies for measuring energy intake and expenditure provide valuable insights into energy homeostasis regulation. These methods help researchers conduct high-quality obesity research by assessing various aspects of energy metabolism. Impact of Exercise on Metabolism: Studies suggest that extreme exercise combined with calorie restriction may not lead to sustainable weight loss due to metabolic adaptations like reduced resting metabolic rates. Muscle loss during rapid weight loss can contribute to lower metabolic rates. Dietary Carbohydrates and Exercise: Research highlights the interplay between dietary carbohydrate intake, exercise, appetite regulation, and energy intake. Low-carbohydrate diets combined with exercise show promising effects on body mass reduction and improved fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Conclusion: The analysis underscores the critical role of diet and exercise in human metabolism. By understanding how these factors impact energy balance, nutrient oxidation, and metabolic flexibility, individuals can make informed choices to enhance their physical health through scientific and reasonable lifestyle modifications.


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Published on: 2024-04-08

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Hazim, H., Zalmai, M. R., & Bahir, H. (2024). Exploring the Impact of Nutrition and Physical Activity on Human Metabolism. Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 3(4), 39–42. https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v3i4.284

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