Phthalein Dyes: Chemistry and Characteristics


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Dyes, Phthalein dyes, pH indicator, Phenolphthalein, toxicity


Phthalein dyes, a distinguished class of synthetic organic compounds, have garnered recognition for their multifaceted utility as both pH indicators and coloring agents in a wide array of industrial and laboratory contexts. This comprehensive review endeavors to delve into the nuanced chemistry and defining attributes of phthalein dyes, providing insights into their structural intricacies and expansive applications. Furthermore, the review expounds upon the paramount significance of phthalein dyes across diverse domains, elucidating their foundational chemistry and versatile properties that underpin their indispensable role in contemporary scientific and industrial pursuits. Moreover, in light of growing concerns about their toxicity and associated health implications, this review advocates for the exploration and adoption of safer alternatives, thereby emphasizing the imperative for continued research and innovation in this domain.


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Published on: 2024-03-20

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