About the Journal

Sprin Multidisciplinary Journal in Pashto, Persian & English (SMJPPE) stands as an international, multidisciplinary, open-access, double-blind, peer-reviewed, quarterly published, academic and research journal, published by Sprin Publisher. Its primary focus lies on promoting and publishing research articles in Pashto, Persian, and English languages, as well as any fields that can be categorized under Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences such as linguistics, literature, culture, history, archaeology, and anthropology, the journal extends its embrace to encompass exceptional research across multidisciplinary subjects, comparative studies, and pioneering themes within the realms of postmodern and postcolonial studies.

Distinguished by its dedication to originality and innovation, SJPPEL exclusively considers unpublished research papers for publication, with an insistence that submitted works remain free from concurrent consideration elsewhere. In a bid to magnify the impact of their contributions, authors are granted the liberty to share their articles without incurring any charges.

SMJPPE's commitment to excellence is exemplified by its ongoing efforts to enhance the quality, frequency, dissemination, as well as collaborative ties with academic and research institutions at local, regional, and global levels. Through these endeavors, the SJPPEL journal aspires to cement its position as a prominent platform for recognition across the aforementioned categories.

Aim and Scope 

The journal invites submissions from independent authors, scholars, academicians, and researchers working on different subjects of Arts, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences such as

  • Teaching Pashto and Persian as a Foreign Language
  • Pashto and Persian Linguistic
  • Pashto and Persian Literature
  • Pashto and Persian History
  • History of Pashto and Persian Education
  • The Strategy of Pashto and Persian Teaching
  • Pashto and Persian as Islamic Culture
  • Media of Pashto and Persian Teaching
  • The Technology of Arabic Teaching
  • Modern Standard Arabic
  • Pashto and Persian as Second Language Acquisition
  • Pashto and Persian Tea Culture
  • Pashto and Persian Mythology
  • Humanities and social sciences such as:
  • anthropology
  • Business studies
  • Communication studies
  • Corporate governance
  • Criminology, Cross-cultural studies
  • Demography, Development studies
  • Economics (All sectors)
  • Education
  • History
  • Language and Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Performing Art
  • Philosophy
  • Religion
  • Visual Arts
  • Pashto and Persian Music
  • Pashto and Persian Media
  • Pashto and Persian Magazines
  • Pashto and Persian Radio
  • Pashto and Persian Television
  • Pashto and Persian Cinema
  • Pashto and Persian Internet
  • Pashto and Persian Values
  • Pashto and Persian Speech
  • Female Infanticide
  • Pashto and Persian as Games Study
  • Pashto and Persian Cuisine
  • Pashto and Persian Clothing
  • Anthropology, Area Studies, Archaeology
  • Culture and Ethics Studies
  • Economics, Ethics, Geography, History
  • Gender and Sexuality Studies, Geography
  • Industrial relations, Information Science, International relations
  • Law, Linguistics, Library science, Linguistics Literature
  • Media studies, Methodology
  • Paralegal, Performing arts (music, theatre & dance)
  • Political Science, Philosophy
  • Psychology, Population Studies,
  • Public administration
  • Religious studies
  • Social welfare, Sociology
  • Women studies and so on...

Any other article that fits within the areas of Ars, Humanities and Social Sciences in Pashto, Persian and English language can be submitted.