Investigating the Role of Geography Education in Natural Resource Management

بررسی نقش آموزش جغرافیا در مدیریت منابع طبیعی


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  • Ziaulhaq Amiri Assistant professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Geography, Kabul Education University, Kabul, Afghanistan


Education, Geography, Natural Resources


Geography education plays a pivotal role in natural resource management by fostering an understanding of optimal conservation practices. Through comprehensive examination of regional environments and geography, we can gauge the impact of human activities on natural resources and propose sustainable solutions. By increasing environmental awareness, geography education elucidates the repercussions of activities such as deforestation, pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change. This heightened awareness empowers us to refine policies and management practices, ensuring the judicious utilization and preservation of natural resources. This article underscores the paramount importance of geography education in natural resource preservation. Employing an applied and descriptive approach, the research methodology involves library studies. The findings highlight that geography education establishes vital links between individuals and their environment, facilitating informed resource management decisions. By analyzing regional geography and its influence on natural resources, optimal preservation strategies emerge. For instance, studying precipitation patterns enables efficient water management and drought mitigation. Ultimately, geography education equips us with the knowledge and tools to identify effective resource preservation methods, fostering sustainable utilization practices through enhanced environmental comprehension and spatial awareness.


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Published on: 2024-01-27

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