The influence of Psychology on linguistics

پر ژبپوهنه د ارواپوهنې اغېز


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  • Shah Mahmoud Kadwal Department of Pashto Language and Literature, Faculty of Literature and Humanities, Laghman University, Afghanistan


Language, Psyche, linguistics, psychology, Psycholinguistics


Language is not a dry physical Phenomenon, but has a mental basis. Any Phonemes that come out of the mouth have meaning and the meaning is in the mind. If there was no mental aspect of language, then the sounds would only be a physical Phenomenon, like other sounds that we hear, which only enter our brains through the ears as a physical Phenomenon, but have no meaning and in the mind. It does not create any image or concept, such as the sounds of airplanes, cars and thunder. That language has meaning, meaning is related to Psychology, thus language and Psychology are connected and both enter into each other, so linguistics and Psychology merge into each other and create a branch called Psycholinguistics. Language is a representative of the psychological movements and actions of a person from the beginning to the end. It starts when the vocal organs of the little one become capable of producing sounds and sending their emotional requests to others through sounds (Phonemes). If we come to the background of ideas about different aspects of life in civil history, then these ideas are very new, which connect linguistics and psychology.


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Published on: 2024-05-15

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