The Need and Value of Preserving Folklore

د فوکلور خوندي کولو اړتيا او ارزښت


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  • Obaidullah Agheez Department of Pashto Language and Literature, Education Faculty Ghor Organization of Higher Education, Afghanistan
  • Baryalay Azizi Department of Pashto Language and Literature, Nangarhar University, Afghanistan


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Folklore forms a large part of society. The term folklore is a compound English word that has a Germanic root and is used to mean wisdom, intellect and knowledge of the people. Folklore plays a significant role and assists future generations in understanding the life, thoughts, traditions, social aspects, national values, histories, pride and other things of the people of their nation. As a result, it can be easily compared with the current situation and take advantage of early experiences, because folklore can provide considerable needed elements and materials with respect to social, political, economic and historical research. It is a fact that folklore has a fundamental value in the literary history, political history, economic aspects and artistic tastes of a language. The significance of collecting folklore is that it strengthens the spiritual and material relationship of the people associated with their lives and tells each other thoughts, feelings, emotions and aspirations.

Another importance of collecting folklore is that it can be used in the study of linguistics, sociology, literary studies, social relations, and human civilization. Researchers in this field are required to pay attention to the folkloric elements of the people. If not so, their work will be insignificant. If we look at the history of folklore, it is clear that when humans faced natural disasters, they did not have any scientific approach to investigate the respective events, but rather their own thoughts and experiences. Keeping in mind those assumptions and experiences, we can predict that folkloric suppositions and experiments were the data for present researchers, which were based on experiments and now based on scientific facts that show the worth of folklore in society. 


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Published on: 2023-08-25

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