Identification of Morphic Species

د مورفيميکو جوړو پېژندنه


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  • Abdul Azim Sadiqmal Department of Pashto Language and Literature, Faculty of Languages and Literature, Syed Jamal Uddin Afghani University, Afghanistan
  • Baryalay Azizi Department of Pashto Language and Literature, Nangarhar University, Afghanistan


Pashto, Morphology, Morpheme, Morphemic Pairs, Nominal Groups


This study entitled “Introduction to Morphemic Pairs” is a critical research on the classification of morphemes that are not single morphemes but pairs of morphemes in the field of morphology. In order to make the subject clearer, this article has covered all those morphemes which are considered as single morphs by the researchers; however, they are not single morphs. In order to make this issue more clearly, the definition of morphology and morpheme have also been discussed in this study which is not part of the particular classification. The study shows that personal pronouns, relative pronouns, some adverbs and metaphoric symbols are not single morphs but pairs. The study begins with a preface and importance of the study, questions, aims, methods and conclusion of the study and references are other topics included in the study.


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اورمړ، خلیل الله.(۱۳۹۰ل). زبان دری، فارسی میانه، فارسی باستان.کابل: د افغانستان د علومو اکاډمي.

پېښوری، ش ک. (۱۳۹۱ل). د پښتو ګرامر (پخپله بڼه کې). پېښور: دانش خپرندويه ټولنه.

رښتين، صديق الله. (۱۳۷۲ل). پښتو ګرامر (ژباړن – سيد محی الدين هاشمي). پېښور: يونيورسټي بًک ايجنسي.

صديق الله رښتين. (۱۳۷۲ل). پښتو ګرامر. پېښتور: يونيورسټي بک ايجنسي.

مجاور احمدزيار. (۱۳۸۴ل). پښتوپښويه. پېښور: دانش خپروندويه ټولنه.

محبوب، محبوب شاه. (۱۳۹۸ل). پښتو ژبدود. جلال آباد: مومند خپرندويه ټولنه.

محمداقا شېرزاد. (۱۳۹۱ل). پښتو ګرامر(مورفولوژي). کابل: د هند د يپرو مطبعه.

محمدصابر خوېشکی. (۱۳۹۴ل). فونولوژي مورفولوژي. ننګرهار: ختيځ خپرندويه ټولنه.

هاشمي، سيد محی الدين. (۱۳۸۳ل). د پښتو ژبې لنډ ګرامر. خپرونکی: اريک د ګرځنده کتابتونونو اداره.

Published on: 2023-08-20

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